Transport wraku samolotu Dakota

For nearly 25 years Omega Pilzno’s tracks have transported thousands, if not tens of thousands of different types of products and goods. We have recently added to our experience a very unusual delivery, which clearly stands out from the standard ones in our experience.

This unusual load was a Douglas C-47 Skytrain / Dakota wreck, a model which played a great role in the aviation history of the 20th century. General Dwight Eisenhower listed “Dakota” as one of four American inventions which enabled the Allies to win the Second World War.

Every preserved plane of this kind has a great historical value, so such aircrafts are unique and are highly valuable for museums and collectors. The wreck which Omega Pilsno transported from Oława, where it was kept, to a private collector in the Sanctuary of Blessed Caroline Kózkówna in Zabawa near Tarnow has an interesting story behind. This particular Douglas C-47 Skytrain / Dakota model was produced in 1944 in the United States. The aircraft served in the American army, later in the 147th RAF squadron, and then in the Middle East. In the ’90 ‘Dak “was one of attractions of the Euro Disneyland amusement park near Paris, and then it was taken to one of the Dutch museums. The present poor condition of the aircraft is the result of being blown up for the purpose of making war scenes by a German film crew. Fortunately, a private collector from Oława rescued it from being destroyed and forgotten.

This saved aircraft could not find a proper exhibition for a long time.  The main problem was financing its transport. The key moment for the plane was the cooperation of the parish in Zabawa with a donator and the decision to create a memorial site for operation Most III (Bridge III) where the same model of Dakota played a leading role. The missing element of an idea of creating an exhibition commemorating the heroic action of Home Army soldiers was delivered by Omega Pilzno free of charge.

This complicated logistic project was possible to be accomplished thanks to commitment of many people. Our company has never been afraid of challenges and has always tried to participate in interesting initiatives for a good cause. The significant importance and uniqueness of the Most III operation raised interest of professional, local and national media. This resulted in several press, radio, Internet and television publications, including Teleexpress, the most popular news program in Poland, and

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Omega Pilzno
Written by Omega Pilzno