Career in the TSL industry is at your fingertips. Especially for young people who are committed to exploring their passions. Omega Academy invites young people to visit the company and recently we have had a representation of the Vocational School No 1 in Debica. The meeting was very practical and educational and was led by Omega Pilzno experts.

The “automotive technician” profile class – for the purpose of the meeting – was divided into smaller groups, where students learned about various aspects of the work of a truck driver, a freight forwarder and a mechanic.

The subject of the meeting was adjusted to the profile of the class, so one of its most important points was a visit to the garage/service. We gave the students basic knowledge about diagnostics and organization of the service. Students enjoyed interesting tricks used in the garage very much. In practical terms, students could see different ways of exchanging truck tires, which might be useful when they start working as mechanics. Apart from practice, students could also learn some theory, for instance various types of semitrailer tractors were discussed.

Regular meetings with students is a part of the Omega Academy program, which, in collaboration with schools and higher education institutions in the TSL industry, aims to promote knowledge about the industry and support the development of passion, interests and practical skills among young people.

It is particularly important to show young people the benefits of developing useful skills in areas of their interest. This will give them a remarkable advantage on the job market – especially in the TSL industry, where specific competences are critical.

By implementing the idea of learning through play, during the meeting at the headquarters of Omega Pilzno, students from the Dębica University of Agriculture competed in  lacing up the tarpaulin in a curtain trailer. The fastest students were given small gifts.

Omega Academy it’s not just meetings with students. We offer young people specific solutions, such as internships and trainings, and even the possibility of permanent employment. The Academy cooperates among others with the University of Technology in Rzeszów, the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów and schools from Pilzno and Dębica.

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Omega Pilzno
Written by Omega Pilzno