SAP Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a modern tool which allows for efficient use of IT software in order to manage a warehouse area and stored goods.  

What is SAP WSM?

SAP WMS functions on the basis of SAP Business One software which we implemented last year in  PP PKS Rzeszów, Podkarpackie Logistics Park and  OMEGA Pilzno Service.

The process of integration of the new system with an IT environment of the Podkarpackie Logistics Park has been conducted in stages. In the first place SAP WMS was introduced in the high-storage warehouse in Jasionka. At present the implementation is being conducted in the warehouse in Podgrodzie. In the near future SAP WMS is going to work also in Mokrzec.

The objective of introducing this system in all company’s warehouses is the idea to standardise all logistics operations. SAP WMS gives the opportunity to effectively adjust the system of warehouses management to company’s needs and customers’ expectations. – explain coordinators of the project.

Why did we decide to implement the new solution?

SAP WSM has replaced previously used  Quguar WMS system. The main benefit of implementing this solution is its compatibility with all areas of our activity. SAP WMS helps to smoothly manage with both logistics, administrative and selling operations.

The most important functions of SAP WMS

The greatest advantage of SAP WMS is the efficient service of several customers with various goods. The system allows to generate an individual label for a single unit and to read the information from the label which was given by the previous user. It gives the possibility to monitor the quantity and the expiry date of goods received in the warehouse. It also helps to correctly find the location of stored goods.

It’s a software which has to improve the flow of materials from the moment of entering a warehouse to the day of leaving. The whole process is based on constant planning and it provides permanent control over operations and goods in real time. Thanks to SAP WMS system we are able to manage work in a warehouse faster and more efficiently. – explains the warehouse manager in Jasionka.  

SAP WMS improves the communication with customers. They can, at any time, receive a current summary of warehouse stocks regarding both the whole goods stored and the chosen type of a product. In contrary to the previous system SAP WMS provides the customers with access to information about the stage of implementation of particular logistics operations from the moment of receiving goods to the moment of delivering them to a recipient.

SAP Warehouse Management System allows us to improve work in warehouses. We remain open to evolving market of logistics services and to growing needs of our customers. Due to the implementation of the most innovative solutions we are able to faster and more efficiently complete received orders. As a result, we can consistently increase our competitive advantage.   

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Omega Pilzno
Written by Omega Pilzno