The School of Leaders is a project implemented as a part of OMEGA Academy, intended for OMEGA Pilzno’s managers. The meeting was held on Saturday, March 12, in the SPA Splendor Hotel in Lubenia near Rzeszow.

During the first edition of School of Leaders, our managers became familiar with the three pillars of “Leader Brand”:

  • partnership in cooperation with the Management Board,
  • professionalism in team management,
  • communication skills.

The workshops were a unique opportunity to compare the effectiveness of the currently applied and new practices of managing a team and creating a professional image of a manager.

The issues covered included: self-diagnosis (an objective assessment of the advantages and disadvantages), assertiveness (for oneself and a team) and effective communication.

During the practical part of the “Leader Brand” workshops we discussed, among others, the most important qualities of a professional manager.


The meeting was conducted by Joanna Malinowska-Parzydlo, a forerunner of the issues of reputation capital management based on a personal brand in Poland. She is the author of a blog “Jestes Marka” (You Are a Brand) and a book “Jestes marka. Jak odniesc sukces i pozostac soba” (You Are a Brand. How to Achieve Success and Remain Yourself).

The School of Leaders is an internal educational project that we implemented in order to develop interpersonal skills of our managers. The knowledge they acquired will enable them to coordinate assigned tasks even more effectively and, consequently, create a professional image of our company.

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Omega Pilzno
Written by Omega Pilzno