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“The image of a woman and her role at different levels” is a new cycle of meetings for women working in our company. During the workshops we will discuss the key factors shaping attitudes, roles and development chances of a modern woman in the business world.

New workshops are a natural continuation of the project “OMEGA with personality”. During several dozen meetings, a group of our employees actively participated in inspiring discussions, which focused on shaping a professional image of a woman. Because the workshops were practical and conducted by professionals with many years of experience in their fields, each participant had a chance to experience on their own how changing current habits, concerning nutrition and appearance (make-up and outfit), may change the way other people see them (boss, customers, co-workers).

The objective of workshops “The image of a woman and her role at different levels” is the exchange of views and opinions on the role of a woman in the modern business world. The workshops will be conducted by qualified personal trainers who will tell about good practices in striking a balance between the professional and private lives.

The first meeting was held on 26.09 in a conference room in the Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Rzeszow. Among special guests were: Milosz Brzezinski, a personal development trainer, motivational speaker, author of the book “Zyciologia, czyli o madrym zarzadzaniu czasem” [Lifelogy – about the wise management of time], who during his speech entitled “The image of a woman and her role in society” discussed the key factors which have a direct influence on shaping the role of a woman in the modern world. Jacek Rozenek, a respected theatre and film actor, business trainer and coach, talked about the power of femininity during his speech entitled “She-wolf”.

The workshops “The image of a woman and her role at different levels” are intended for all women working in OMEGA Pilzno who want to guide their careers without the risk of neglecting private life.

We will publish an announcement of a next meeting soon. Keep up to date and do not miss the upcoming articles!

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Omega Pilzno
Written by Omega Pilzno