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There are many criteria in the TSL sector that affect the attractiveness of a company’s offer. One of the key factor is the experience which allows you to run your business based on the necessary knowledge and proven solutions. Omega Pilsno’s experience goes hand in hand with diversity, so we can broadly handle the needs of our customers.

Factors such as experience, having a solid market position and providing high quality service, in the TSL industry do not play the role of advertising slogans repeated in commercial communication. These are the factors which actually build the attractiveness of companies in transport or logistics. In Omega Pilzno the above-mentioned features are complimented with diversity which allows to build comprehensive customer service. We can look at this diversity from different perspectives.

Looking at transport itself, we can see wide variety of available solutions. It is obvious that the diversification of goods results in the need to provide specialized solutions. It is obvious that fuel requires different transport conditions than clothing. Omega Pilzno offers eight main types of semi-trailers. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take a refrigerator for example. Available solutions do not end on controlling the temperature of transported goods. In addition to standard refrigerators, we also provide dual-compartment refrigerator units which allow transporting goods in different temperatures. Customers can also choose double deck refrigerated units, dual compartment units, double evaporator trailers or hook refrigerators. The latter may be organized according to the European or Danish system. The variety of transport presented on one example allows to see a fuller picture of the variety of the offer.
Variety of solutions available is one of the hallmarks of Omega Pilzno on the market. The value of the wide offer is particularly important in building long-term cooperation. Thanks to our extensive and diverse resources, we can meet not only ongoing customer needs, but also those that may appear in the future or occur sporadically. Diversity and experience allow the company to freely adapt the co-operation to expectations, while maintaining the same quality standards.

Considering diversity in a broader context, let’s look at the extremely complex process of delivering goods from manufacturers to sellers and final recipients. In this case, the Omega Pilsno Group can also count on the synergy effect of using its own resources. By offering land transport and maritime transport services, using own storage space, fuel stations and truck services, we can efficiently manage our customers’ internal resources and goods.

The choice of a business partner in transport and logistics depends on several factors. It is worth to include also the variety of the offer. Having experience in many areas allows selecting the most effective and optimal solutions for varied and changing needs.

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Omega Pilzno
Written by Omega Pilzno