The Young Technician Club is the name of workshops organized in the Crafts Vocational School in Pilzno, intended for students who want to broaden their knowledge of mechanics.  An employee of OMEGA Pilzno took part in one of the meetings, held on March 14. His role was to help student complete a task of designing a car that runs on water, with a particular technical specification.

The challenge’s originator was Anna Smolucha, a head teacher of the Crafts Vocational School in Pilzno. She wanted to encourage young people to develop their construction skills. The experienced expert – a VOLVO service technician from OMEGA Pilzno – also took part in this task. He supervised and monitored work progress of groups in which the students worked on their projects. Thanks to the professional advice and useful hints, all 3 groups created initial concepts of water-fueled vehicles that are able to drive straight on a longer route.

All projects were designed based on the unconventional use of knowledge of mechanics, that is why they were submitted to the Water-Fueled Vehicles Provincial Tournament.

The Young Technician Club members working on a water-fueled car under the supervision of the experienced VOLVO service technician from OMEGA Pilzno


The meeting with participation of the VOLVO service technician from OMEGA Pilzno was organized thanks to the cooperation between our company and the Crafts Vocational School in Pilzno as a part of OMEGA Academy program. This serves as a proof of our engagement in implementing proprietary educational programs dedicated to young people students of vocational schools and universities, and graduates – who want to work in the TSL sector in the future.

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Omega Pilzno
Written by Omega Pilzno