2 000 exhibitors from 62 countries, over 55 000 visitors, 110 000 km² of exhibitions – this is how this year’s International Transport and Logistics Trade Fairs in Munich can be described in brief. We just had to be there!

Every 2 years, starting from 1978, Munich becomes the world capital of the TSL industry. In the capital of Bavaria, there were representatives present from leading brands in the international transport-shipping-logistics arena. The goal of participation in the trade fairs was to promote the proprietary solutions and innovative technologies improving the work of drivers, optimizing the fuel management and enabling the automated management of goods.

2 050 companies participated in this year’s, 15th edition of Munich trade fairs held on 5-8 May. Our company team was a strong Polish representative. – Transport and Logistics Trade Fairs is the only industry meeting including a wide range of the TSL industry, giving great opportunities to the exhibitors. There are both the smaller companies and leaders on the European and world market. As OMEGA Pilzno Group, we are one of the biggest companies of such type in Poland and a significant player on the international market, that is why we have to be here – says Adam Godawski, the Director of OMEGA Pilzno Group. During the 4-day trade fairs, a stand of OMEGA Pilzno was looked after by a 13-person team of qualified professionals, responsible for presenting the company’s offer to potential foreign customers and business partners.

OMEGA Pilzno at International Logistics, Telematics and Transport Trade Fairs – Munich 2015!

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Our participation in such a prestigious event has brought us many benefits, the most important of which is strengthening positive relationships with present customers – trusted partners who have been doing business with us for many years. The participation in the international Transport & Logistics Trade Fairs proves our dedication to the rapid development and our willingness to improve our – currently strong and stable – position compared to the top players on the world TSL market.

During 4 days of Munich trade fairs, we really understood the needs and requirements of our customers. Based on this valuable knowledge, we are able to implement modern solutions which:

  • increase the safety of transporting and storing goods,
  • increase the quality of services delivered,
  • improve the logistics processes.

Logistics, Telematics and Transport Trade Fairs is the most important event on the TSL market. Each edition gathers hundreds of companies willing to highlight their position in the industry and to attract business partner. For us, it is the perfect opportunity to present a wide range of modern solutions and to share the views and experiences with both potential business partners and competitors. We spent a few busy days in Munich, which resulted in ongoing talks with about 300 trade fairs participants aiming to establish a long-lasting, fruitful cooperation.

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Omega Pilzno
Written by Omega Pilzno