High-bay warehouses are a modern alternative to a traditional storage of goods in large storage halls. They allow to use the available space the most effectively and to store much bigger number of goods of any type.

High-bay warehouses are suitable for storing specialist transport units, e.g. pallets, beams, rolls or other goods in irregularly shaped boxes. Particular products are stored on individually prepared places; each bay is adjusted to unique goods dimensions (size, weight) and material they are made of.

In traditional storage halls, narrow corridors created by endless rows of goods are standard. Such a situation not only makes the work of warehouse operatives harder, but it also poses a real threat to safety of goods, which may be unwittingly damaged during transport or while transporting away subsequent batches of goods. The consequence of possible damages is losing customer’s trust and covering the costs of a repair or a replacement of damaged goods. In high-bay warehouses, the risk of damaging products is reduced thanks to the automated storage system.

Maximum safety of goods

The work in high-bay warehouses can be handled almost without human intervention. Traditional forklifts were replaced by the most modern, automated stacker cranes (frame, column, travelling – on rails – and suspended). Their application allows to pick up goods and place them on selected bays freely and quickly. Thanks to modern technological facilities, a storage hall becomes an integral part of Customer Service, understood as a complex center for: receiving, labelling, preparing and dispatching goods.

The functioning of high-bay warehouses is strictly controlled both by coordinators and specialist information systems, which are responsible for:

  • monitoring activities carried out in a warehouse,
  • efficient work management in a warehouse: receiving and labelling goods, placing them on selected bays and dispatching them.

The tasks of the storage management system also include controlling whether the register of goods is done on time, which at the same time eliminates the risk of errors while preparing goods for dispatch.

OMEGA Pilzno – class A warehouse in Podgrodzie

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The benefits of high-storage warehouses

High-storage warehouses mean the low costs of storing goods and the efficient use of a warehouse area. For example, in Podkarpacie Logistics Park, we use the area of 50 000 m² and we can freely store goods up to a height of 18 meters.

Podkarpacie Logistics Park is the class A warehouse of the highest standard: it is heated, with dust-free floor and an air-drying installation. All these facilities increase the safety of stored goods and protect them from possible damages – Podkarpacie Logistics Park is the largest investment of its type in South-East Poland, which – I hope – will make Podkarpacie a notable place on a transport-shipping-logistics map of Poland and Europe – comments Pawel Skotniczy, the Director of Podkarpacie Logistics Park.

The possibility to freely adjust the bays for the conditions in a warehouse, allows us to use its area in the accordance with the individual goods specification. This solution enables us to store large amounts of diverse goods on the same area, which in the case of traditional storage halls is impossible to do.

PPL is the place for storing and providing full logistics service for all industries. Besides storing, our customers can benefit from transporting, unloading, reloading, repackaging, palletizing, labelling and tagging. –We fulfill all requirements and standards of storing various types of goods, from different industries: food, chemistry, or medical – explains Pawel Skotniczy, the Director of Podkarpacie Logistics Park.

The other benefits of high-storage warehouses include:

  • significant reducing the time of order fulfillment,
  • full automatization of warehouse processes,
  • maximum safety of goods and employees (they do not have to go between bays full of heavy goods),
  • quality control of warehouse works,
  • control whether the goods are delivered to customers professionally and on time.

High-storage warehouses are the future of the logistics industry. The advanced technological facilities, automated performance of tasks and constant control over goods safety are the factors, thanks to which high-storage warehouses become more popular than traditional storage halls. Their application shows professionalism of a brand which, willing to satisfy even the most demanding customers, implements innovative solutions which mark out the direction of trends in its industry.

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Omega Pilzno
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