14 warehouse workers from the Podkarpackie Logistics Park took part in the WJO I training. As a result, they are qualified to operate advanced order picking stacker trucks MX-X equipped with a lifting operating platform with the maximum reach height of 16.2metres.

Competences resulting from WJO I qualifications

WJO I enables to operate lift trucks with any drive and with no limits in terms of lift height and lifting capacity. This is a high-tech equipment which was designed in order to efficiently carry out specialized tasks in terms of stacking goods of various specificity and purpose. At present, in the Podrapackie Logistics Park we use five Still MX-X lift trucks. Their modular construction enables to adjust the height of the mast, the type of operator’s cab and key parameters of a device (including: speed and acceleration) to the individual needs of a customer. Type MX-X allows to stack goods at the height of up to 16.2 metres.

Conditions for gaining qualifications

In order to qualify for the WJO I licence is receiving a positive assessment from the state exam which consists of two parts and is supervised by an inspector of the Office of Technical Inspection. The theoretical (written) part was conducted in the Botus Training Centre in Lubzina, whereas the practical part took place in the high-storage warehouse in Podgrodzie. In the training participated fourteen warehouse workers. They have all passed the final test with a positive assessment.

I think that in the near future we will conduct further trainings. They will be organized for new employees who do not have qualifications for operating advanced devices, such as MX-X trucks. At present, they are still novelty but soon they will become a standard. Therefore, it is essential that employees who start working in our company have been professionally prepared for their everyday operation – explains the warehouse manager in Podgrodzie.

We measure our success by people. Due to highly qualified employees who can skilfully operate advanced warehouse equipment we efficiently complete even the most complex orders in terms of stacking goods. Their professional development increases the competitive advantage of Omega Pilzno both in the country and abroad.

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Omega Pilzno
Written by Omega Pilzno