The Podkarpackie Logistics Park is the biggest and the most modern warehouse and logistics centre in the Podkarpackie Province. The centre incorporates three class A high-storage warehouses in Jasionka, Mokrzec and Podgrodzie. Convenient location of each of the warehouses allows for efficient logistic handling and transport of the customer’s shipments without a delay.

The Podkarpackie Logistics Park provides an ideal solution for international clients distributing their goods to markets of Central and Eastern Europe due to its location and a wide range of service provision. The warehouses belonging to the Podkarpackie Logistics Park were designed to meet  the current standards of short and long-term storage solutions and complex logistics projects.  Apart from the standard services (such as loading and unloading), each of the buildings is adapted to provide additional services (for example VAS – re-packaging, labelling and tagging goods, co-packing and cross-docking).

Warehouse in Jasionka

Completed at the end of 2015, it has the area of 24 000 m² which can store at the same time 50 000 euro pallets. The warehouse has been equipped with 36 loading docks and it is the biggest object of this type in the region.

The high-storage warehouse in Jasionka is located in the direct neighbourhood of Rzeszow – an important transit point in Europe. Moreover, many communication routes cross here: the international road E-40 Drezno – Kijów and national roads (S9 and S19) which allow convenient access to the Baltic and Scandinavian countries from Central and Eastern Europe. What is more, throughout Rzeszow runs the trunk line E-30 from West to East.

The A-4 motorway which is being built will ensure the convenient connection between West Europe and Ukraine as a result of the pan-European Canal. Whereas, the extended national road S19 is aimed to run through eastern Poland and to connect the border crossing point in Kuznica Bialostocka with the one in Barwinek. Moreover, the warehouse is located close to the Podkarpakie Science and Technology Park “Areopolis” in Rzeszow and two sub zones of the Special Economic Zone Euro-Park in Mielec.

Warehouse in Mokrzec

Opened for customers in 2008 has got 17 000 m² of usable floor area which can store at the same time up to 28 000 euro pallets.

The warehouse in Mokrzec is located at the E40 route Rzeszow-Cracow directly at the exit of the Pilzno bypass. Taking advantage of this convenient transit location it can be used to import goods, service and distribute e-commerce deliveries. Constant and two-way import and export connections (towards Germany and from Przemysl and Medyka to Ukraine) as well as skilfully planned times of departures have an influence on profitable (both in terms of time and costs) completion of received orders.

Podkarpackie Logistics Park – the interior and equipment of the warehouse in Mokrzec


Source: Omega Pilzno

Warehouse in Podgrodzie

Logistics Centre in Podgrodzie is the modern complex of A class high-storage warehouses of the whole area 32 000 m². It was designed in order to provide comprehensive logistics service for various industries, which is possible due to suitable equipment. Worth mentioning are: system forklift trucks with the ability to load pallets in narrow aisles.

The warehouses are located only 3 kilometres from Debica, between Rzeszow and Tarnow. They are also close to A4 motorway and national road no 4, which provides direct connection with the border crossing with Germany (in Jedrzychow) and with Ukraine (in Korczowa). This location is the most beneficial for enterprises which operate in Central and Eastern Europe.

The priority of the Podkarpackie Logistics Park investment was to create a complex of specialised warehouses which could improve the implementation of supply chain in terms of logistics service. What counts the most is a well-thought-out transport organisation which success is the outcome of a very convenient location of each warehouse. The access to important communication routes lets us reach a foreign customer in a short time. As a result, we can reduce costs of vehicles exploitation, which is essential especially in case of orders which involve international transport of goods.  

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Written by Omega Pilzno