The calendar advertising the modern warehouse and logistics complex with chosen OMEGA Pilzno trucks is one of the greatest image undertaking that we have completed so far. However, it would not be possible without the support from our long-time partner portal.

The challenge

About one year ago we came up with the idea to create the calendar, with the cooperation of, which will advertise OMEGA Pilzno Group as the fleet of tractor units along with the complex of high-storage warehouses.

The preparations for the photo session had started many months earlier. Then the main emphasis was put on designing a calendar which would present the infrastructure and chosen OMEGA Pilzno trucks in an unconventional but still consistent with the nature of the TSL industry way.

Conception of the project’s implementation

The industrial photo session let us accomplish the above mentioned assumptions. The combination of TSL and fashion industries has resulted with the success which exceeded both our and team’s expectations.

Four days were devoted for the whole session. The photos were taken both in Pilzno around our main office and in Gdansk. The professional processing of 12 photos, which were chosen for the calendar, was supervised by the art department of

The outcome of the cooperation: OMEGA Pilzno large-format annual calendars

We waited for the final outcome of the cooperation since December 2016. Just before the New Year we received a delivery with a dozen of OMEGA Pilzno large –format calendars. Each of the particular pages is published on our profiles in the social media, especially on Facebook.

What is is an airport media platform and widely understood electronic distribution which take advantage of innovative solutions such as “tablokiosk”. The portal includes five monthly magazines which come out at five Polish international airports in the total circulation of 30,000 copies. The issues cover business, culture, as well as fashion and design.

The fashion calendar prepared in the industrial surrounding of high-storage warehouses and OMEGA Pilzno tractor units was the challenge that we faced with the editors of portal. This bold project ended up with the success also when it regards benefits for the company’s image – openness to new initiatives and ability to present our assets, high-storage warehouses and chosen trucks, in an original way. 

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Omega Pilzno
Written by Omega Pilzno