Heavy snowfall, freezing rain, slippery and covered by snow road – every day winter takes its toll on drivers. How to take care of not only yours but also other road users safety in such harsh conditions? In order to answer this question we have launched “Winter Campaign” – a new project to educate drivers on responsible driving during winter.

The most common cause of accidents: too high self confidence and inadequate preparation of a truck.

At times, losing control over the car is caused not only because of adverse weather conditions but also, unfortunately, because of one’s own negligence. “Driving by heart” or failure to prepare a vehicle for the journey (leaving some snow on a semi-trailer or having an incomplete equipment in case of international routes) are examples of behaviour which may lead to a serious accident.

The idea of “Winter Campaign”

We have launched a new action “Winter” in order to make drivers aware of the necessity to change bad and, hence, dangerous habits. What is more, we would like to draw drivers attention to a very common problem of relying far too much on electronics in a vehicle (ABS or EPS systems)  which is supposed to “make up” careless driving.

Safe driving rules

  1. Brake in advance

Slippery surface increases the braking time. Therefore, it is important to start braking few seconds earlier than always. As a result, there is the possibility to avoid an accident even in a very emergency situation.

  1. Take advantage of service brake (hand brake)

Many drivers claim that the hand brake is unnecessary as they can have the brake pedal depressed. However, they do not take into consideration all the potential risks which may be caused by this habit. First of all, they can glare drivers who are after the truck, especially after dark. Secondly, involuntary taking the foot off the break may cause an unnoticeable movement (only small, even imperceptible imperfection is enough). As a result there is the likelihood of a crash with a vehicle in front of or behind the truck. Taking advantage of the service break helps prevent above mentioned situations from happening.

How to prepare a truck for driving?

  1. Remember about snow chains

Prior to an international route it is easy to predict the necessity to drive in the most extreme conditions including i.e. mountains stretches. Thus, it is important to remember about snow chains, which greatly increase the traction. As a result, the vehicle will be able to safely drive on steep hills with icy surfaces.

  1. Remove snow from a semi-trailer and a tractor

Snow falling down from the semi-trailer during driving may create an imminent risk to a driver (when it covers the windscreen and obscures visibility) and other road users (when it falls down on their cars). It is essential to remember about it when preparing for the route but also while driving by taking a ladder, which will help the driver to reach the roof of a semi-trailer and remove the snow cover.

Moreover, some car parks are equipped with special platforms which help with removing snow from a semi-trailer or a tractor. It is worth using during each stopover. Even small cover of snow may be a potential cause of a serious accident, therefore it is significant to eliminate it in advance.

  1. Put dispersive fluid in the cabin

It will keep all kinds of contaminations in the most disperse form so that they will not remain in sensitive places of the engine.

Long lasting and adverse weather conditions force drivers to take particular care on the road. Bearing in mind the most important road safety rules they reduce the risk of dangerous situations and, at the same time, increase the driving comfort.

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Omega Pilzno
Written by Omega Pilzno