“OMEGA Academy. Logistics Specialists Education and Development Program” is our new project focused on cooperation with schools and universities located in the Podkarpackie Province. The objective of the project is delivering professional training to students of high schools and universities, who are going to work in the TSL industry in the future. The first step of its implementation was signing the cooperation agreement between our company and the Crafts Vocational School in Pilzno, the School Complex No. 4 in Debica and the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow.

“OMEGA Academy” program is intended for students from the faculties which are sought after in the Transport-Shipping-Logistics sector. As part of implementing its objectives, we have entered into a cooperation with the first partners: two high schools and one university. In the Crafts Vocational School in Pilzno, we have assumed patronage over faculties of Mechanics and Electrical Engineering of Motor Vehicles; in the School Complex No. 4 in Debica – over the faculty of Shipping Technician. At the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, we are responsible for the development of the Faculty of Logistics.

“We have over 20-year experience in the TSL industry, that is why we are familiar with its nature. We are happy seeing young people interested in faculties related to logistics. However, when hiring new employees for our company, we notice the necessity of strict cooperation between theoreticians and practitioners in the TSL industry at the stage of teaching future logisticians” – admits Adam Godawski, the Director of OMEGA Pilzno Group. “The graduates of faculties related to logistics must be given a good dose of practical knowledge, thanks to which they will feel more confident on the labor market. We believe that mutual exchange of experience between our company and schools will result in a new quality of education and will be a valuable lesson for us as an employer” – he adds.


As part of the project, various education activities will take place including, among others, internships in the company, lessons, research clubs and open lectures with the participation of our experts. There will be also study tours to the shipping and transport base and to the Podkarpackie Logistics Park. We will also actively promote the faculties related to the TSL industry during educational and work fairs organized by our partner education units.

“OMEGA Academy” is the project aiming to provide professional education to future workers of the transport-shipping-logistics industry. Thanks to this, students of logistics and shipping, as well as mechanics, will gain specific knowledge useful on the labor market and will be given hints from experts about the most valued skills. The best students will have a chance to obtain professional experience during internships and on-the-job training, and even to find the employment in our company.

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Omega Pilzno
Written by Omega Pilzno